Aesthetics Are EVERYTHING!

Don't pay for a graphic designer or attempt photoshop again...

It's draining on your business!

Create all your own YouTube thumbnails, social media content, eBooks + MORE THE EASY, QUICK AND PROFESSIONAL WAY

Without having to hire anyone to do them for you or having any previous tech experience!

Hiring Graphic Designers is expensive...

And Creating Your Own Content Can Be Time Consuming If You Don't Know What You're Doing... I've been in your shoes!

Never hire a graphic designer or attempt photoshop again!

  • How to create professional social media content
  • ​How to repurpose social media content
  • ​How to create ebooks and lead magnets
  • ​How to design graphics using templates & style guides
  • ​How to utilize new updates & upgrades
  • ​How to create carousels
  • ​How to create GIF's
  • BONUS tools, tips and tricks to take your Canva to the next level!

Jose Bennett

Content | Online Brand Director
Jose Bennett is a highly sought after online brand and course director. With over $4 million in revenue generated from the courses he has directed, Jose’s mission is to help coaches and speakers better serve their audience by packaging their expertise in a way that resonates with their ideal audience.

Previously Jose’s worked 17 years for one of the largest communications technology companies in the world where he operated as a Marketing Director for well as Sales Trainer which covered 44 stores and 644 employees. 

Jose now served as apart of the Eric Thomas & Associates Media team while working with various reputable and influential brands in building their online presence and courses. Jose’s ultimate goal is to help those he’s called to serve use core skills and values to create impact and transformation for those around you

what are the benefits of CANVA MASTERY?
  • 4 hours of easy to follow and engaging video content!
  • ​Canva is free! No licence or subscription fees, so you can create compelling designs and content without breaking the bank.
  • ​No skills or experience required! Canva Mastery will take you from a complete beginner to a Canva Master!
  • ​It's easy to use! Start from scratch or select from thousands of professional templates, fonts, images and other assets.
  • ​Endless possibilities! Create content you didn't even know you needed.
  • ​User-friendly interface: It's so simple to use, just drag and drop!
  • ​Do it all yourself! No more hiring graphic designers or content creators. 

What Will You Learn?

The Canva Mastery course doesn't just cover the basics...
This all-in-one masterclass will take you through a series of classes guaranteed to level up your design skills. This course will have you producing viral stories and posts, eye-catching youtube thumbnails, PLUS it will also teach you how to produce e-books, PDF's, flyers, logos and more. 

Create professional social media content from your phone!

Learn how to create all your own social media content for the 4 weeks, all from your phone in under 2 hours!

Repurpose your social media content for lead magnets!

Learn how to resize all your artwork for different social media platforms & turn them into E-Books!

Design graphics using templates & style guides!

Learn how to create flyers, thumbnails, book covers, logos and promotions in seconds!

Additional tools to take your Canva to the next level!

Canva is full of versatile tools and capabilities. You'll learn some more tips and tricks to step up your game!

How to utilize new updates & upgrades to Canva!

Canva is always upgrading their platform and interface. You'll learn how to get the best out of every update!

Creating carousels, gifs and awesome ebooks!

We don't just stop at static content... You'll learn how to create more versatile and attractive content!


"Before Canva Mastery I was trying to create content on Photoshop, but it's just too damn confusing. I'm no designer, but now i'm creating some pretty badass thumbnails and social tiles!"

- Darnell James, Personal Brand

"Sh*t's saved me money man! I was paying a designer $30/hour to create my YouTube thumbnails, now I just do it on my own!"

- Mark Phillips, Entrepreneur

"Canva Mastery is one of the best things that's happened to my business! People are actually sharing my content and commenting more cause it looks so damn good!"

- Erika Clark, Social Media Influencer


the canva mastery course is the complete blueprint!

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